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Starfleet Command (SCVGN) Privacy Notice / Terms and Conditions of usage.

Updated on 2022-07-19

Using any of our services you agree to the Privacy and T&C of usage in this document.


Starfleet Command Ltd (SC) respects your right to privacy. This Privacy Notice describes what personal information SC processes for it's services and why.

Starfleet Command services:

  • (with all subdomains)
  • (with all subdomains)
  • (with all subdomains)
  • (with all subdomains)
  • (with all subdomains)
  • (with all subdomains)
  • servers and server GRIDS on internal networks

What personal information does SCVGN process and stores?

To provide services, SCVGN processes network and usage information including IP addresses for the participants of any service. For some services SCVGN collects email addresses and some personal data like: name, last name and nick name.

Servers, hosting panel and SFTP resources, all data stored on our machines is visible and accessible by SCVGN.

Payments are done via: bank transfer (data provided by the user is store in our invoicing systems) or cad payments using the Stripe system (in this case personal information will be shared with Stripe, this is only if the user decides to use this payment option).

How is this information used?

SCVGN is not in the business of selling personal information to third parties.  SCVGN uses this information to deliver services, to identify and troubleshoot problems with it's services and to improve services.  In addition, SCVGN may use this information to investigate fraud or abuse.

How to contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about our use of your personal information, please contact us at: [email protected]